Saturday, November 8, 2008

That midnight meltdown.

So, that midnight meltdown that Ethan had? He was standing in his crib, hysterical and waiting for someone to open his door. The moment I picked him up, he snuggled into me and held on for dear life. As I crawled back into bed with him (I know, don't judge...I was tired), all he wanted to do was chat. The ceiling fan was on in our room and, though it was pitch black, he could see it. So, he laid there whispering, "Fan. Round, round, round,, round, round." I think that's all he wanted, just to make sure mommy was home and to tell me about his night. I laid there with him for about 15 minutes and Jason took him back to his room. Once there, he put up a fuss for about 5 minutes and drifted back to dreamland.

Too bad his sister doesn't get the value of sleeping in! :)

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