Friday, July 8, 2011

Sensory Processing Disorder

Since I've been gone, we've had a lot of changes in our world. Elizabeth (Figgy) was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. I'd try to explain what it is, but I'd be here all day. Here is a website that will give you more info, if you're interested. She was diagnosed back in January 2011 by a developmental pediatrician and later an occupational therapist. We took Figgy in to see the developmental ped at our ped's office because of concerns about self-regulation and other issues that were arising in preschool. Figgy could not sit still, was not building peer relationships, was doing lots of spinning and hiding in tight spaces, not to mention a whole laundry list of other behaviors. She is unable to use her hands for the most common of tasks (eating, arts & crafts, tying shoes, buttoning her shirts/pants and zipping. She is a sensory seeker. What that basically means is Ellie loves to be touched and loves to touch. She craves the feeling of being hugged deeply. She seeks dangerous behavior for the rush. When she was 18 months old, she was climbing things like the entertainment center to jump from the top onto the couch. No, I'm not kidding. She was climbing out of her crib by 15 months. These were all signs that we didn't see. We didn't know what SPD was.

Here we are, 6 months after the dx and Figgy is thriving. She attends private occupational therapy once a week for the SPD and we have just recently gotten her into a county program called Child Find. We have her first meeting for an IEP next Monday and I am excited about the possibilities ahead of her. It has been my goal and #1 priority to get as large a "team" assembled as possible for her and we are well on our way to doing just that. After all, isn't our responsibility as parents to provide every opportunity for success in our children? Ellie will succeed and she will flourish, despite this diagnosis.

I'm back!

Just a short hello from my world. Ethan, Elizabeth and Meghan continue to grow like weeds and learn more and more everyday. I continue to be tested and many times I've failed these tests. I've been hard on myself, as I should be, but each morning I rise with the best of intentions and a new lease on the day. Often times, I have to start my day over. My patience with the kids is short and I need to fix that. I've often heard that when our patience is short, that's God's way of showing us that we need to work on it. So, he's sending me lots of practice. :)