Friday, November 14, 2008

Guinness Book of World Records!

I am going to enter my daughter into the GBoWR. I am convinced that she broke a world record today.

Figgy: (ALL. DAY. LONG.) MOM! Moooooooooom! Mom, mom, mom, mom, mooooom, mom, momma!

Me: (making breakfast in the kitchen) Yes, Figgy?

Figgy: *runs off, giggling*

*5 minutes later*

Figgy: MOOOOOOOOOM! Momma! Momma, come! Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom!

Me: (running out of the bathroom) What, honey? What's wrong?

Figgy: *giggles*

No complaints here, though. I waited my entire life to hear those words. (Check back with me in another week.)

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