Sunday, October 25, 2009

Short update

Ah, where do I begin?

We are having some real behavioral issues at our house as of late. I broke down and called our ped to get her advice and we'll be talking on Wednesday. Ethan has really taken a disliking of Meghan and it concerns me. We're not talking about the usual display of jealousy, either. We're talking physical harm in some cases. Meghan is crawling (has been since just after our trip home from Ocean City) and wants so desperately to be a part of their playtime. She adores Ethan. Really. She watches him so intently and just lights up whenever he walks into the room. She always smiles at him. So, since she wants to be near him, she crawls to wherever he is in the room and wants to play with whatever he plays with. This does not sit well with The Crabby Professor. Meghan is not allowed to play with ANYTHING. He goes as far as taking *her* toys away from her. Even if he's playing in the hallway (to get as far away from her as he can), if she crawls over to the blocks, he is running into the room screaming at her and he'll quickly snatch it out of her hands. If she tries to go towards his precious cars, he freaks out. If she plays with any of her own toys, he freaks out. It's really getting to be an issue for us. In addition to all of this, he is becoming increasingly physical with her. The last event was Friday when he lept across the floor and landed on her head. And, no, it was not accidental. So, I made a point to spend some one-on-one time with him today and, wouldn't you know it? He was an angel. I enjoyed every moment with him and he was just a pleasant child. Elizabeth was also a pure joy to be with this afternoon. And, of course, the moment we put them together this evening with Meghan? Match, accelerant, and a spark.....

I have tried everything I can possibly think of to resolve this. I have even sat him down and quietly explained that Meghan loves him and looks up to him, that she wants to be just like her big brother... I even resorted (after the leaping head incident) to giving Meghan his precious blankie because he hurt her. I've spanked, I've whispered, I've seperated, I've put Meghan's toys into a special bucket, I've put his toys into a special bucket, I've cried, I've begged, I've bribed. Nothing.

The Professor also has an appointment this week because he snores. Not only does he snore, but he really, really snores. I can hear him in our bedroom at night. So, chances are pretty likely that he'll be having his adnoids removed in the near future. They both have dark circles under their eyes, which I attribute to allergies of some sort. I have them (always have), my brother has them (again, always has) and the twins have always have them.

Miss M has two full teeth, now, and is working on three more. She weighed in at 16.10 at her 6 month appointment and is growing like a weed.

Aaaaand, speaking of Miss M, she is up for her 1:30 feed so I'm cutting this short.

(I'm up late because we went to see Paranormal Activity tonight. Great movie!)