Thursday, November 20, 2008

The sleep saga continues...

I am going to lose my mind. Ethan has continued to wake up every night. Yesterday, naps lasted all of 50 minutes. He was a nasty bear by 4:00. This morning it was 5:45 and he had no interest in going back to bed. Great. He was nasty to be around all day. Nap? 2o minutes. He proceeds to wake his sister up, who was sound asleep. He has now gone back to sleep after 30 minutes of screaming and left her awake and pissed off. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I've tried putting my pillow case in with him and he throws it out because it's not blankie and that's all he wants in his crib. I haven't changed ANYTHING else, other than the sheet, and that gets changed all the time. I cannot continue down this path. I'm frustrated and ready to jump out the bedroom window right now.

Does it make me a mean, terrible mother if I leave them in there until 3:00, when they would normally get up? I can't find my sleep bible! Dr. Weissbluth, what would you say???



MereCat said...

Are they still in cribs? I'm harsh, I make mine stay in there. They have a music box, some books and a couple of stuffed toys and we have quiet time. The music box is by far the best trick ever. It's that fisher price aquarium thing that hangs on the crib.

If they are in big beds, put a gate at their door. that 's what my mom did with me. She said she didn't care what I did in there, but I had to stay. Often times she'd find me asleep at the gate.

We've got to get you some sleep.

Figgy and The Professor said...

I'm going to leave them in cribs until they turn 18. Seriously. I can't imagine turning them loose, yet! I even went and purchased a crib tent for Elizabeth. :)

I did end up leaving them in their cribs. It seems to me my handy sleep bible said that's the best bet. I just ended up going downstairs and turning up the music and decorating. LOL! I guess I'm a mean mom, but I just feel like they need to stick to a routine, not to mention the fact that I need that bit of time to myself (selfish, I know).

My plans are to lock their bedroom door and put a gate up, when it comes time for beds. I know that sounds cruel, but for those few weeks that Elizabeth was getting out of her crib, she was opening the door. The staircase is too close to our bedrooms, so my fear is that she'd get out and fall down the steps. Or, that she'd get into our room and I'd wake up to find a 2 year old staring at me.

*heebie jeebies*