Monday, November 10, 2008


Simple gratitude today...I'm grateful for any help I receive when dealing with the twins. My mom had off today so we headed to the mall (my LEAST favorite place in the world) for her to do some shopping. After a little bit of shopping, we headed down to the indoor play area. Normally, I hit this super early in the morning after a mall walking stint (before the mall opens) because there isn't anyone else there and I don't have to stress out about watching two little ones in a sea of children. Today, however, it was nearing lunch time and there must have been 50 little kids. Do you have any idea how easy it was with another set of eyes?!?! When the twins were first born, I was adamant about not accepting help because I wanted to do it all on my own and get myself into a routine. Now? Puh-lease! Help me! LOL! So, yeah. My gratitude for the day is the help I receive from family.

And a quick few pics of our leaf playing this weekend...

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