Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

I need to be reassured, here, because I'm beginning to feel like the only parent in the world who is experiencing this.

We seem to have hit a stage with the twins where it is impossible to take them to other peoples homes. First of all, unless we're going to a home with toddlers, I can't expect it to be childproof. The kids are into EVERYTHING now and can be destructive (normal, I'm thinking). After just an hour, they seem to be overwhelmed, overstimulated and exhausted. So, meltdowns occur and we excuse ourselves. On the way home, and for at least another 30 minutes, Ethan is in full force meltdown mode. I have found, thanks to my sleep journal for Ethan, that he ends up waking up several times in the middle of the night. Over stimulation, perhaps? I'm not sure... Is this just a phase? Is it solely my children? I'm bailing out of turkey day dessert with the in-laws because their home is nowhere near toddler friendly and I just can't handle it. We may even bail out of Christmas Eve festivities at my husband's aunt and uncle's home (an hour and a half away). Is this a normal thing?

I have to vent a little, too. We had that surprise party for a friend of mine this evening, who was turning 40. I checked ahead of time, before deciding to bring the kids, and made sure it was going to be a child friendly sort of thing. They were so excited that I was going to bring the kids and I was assured that it was kid friendly. Apparently my idea of child friendly and their idea of child friendly are two completely different things. We walked into a museum quality home. There were friggin knick-knacks everywhere. The hostess came into the living room, after we got there, and put a bunch of candles on the coffee table and began to light them. I promptly blew them out and explained that I didn't think it was such a good idea to have those lit at that level. Then, she brings out a big bowl of peanuts. I waited for her to leave the room and put them up higher, out of the line of sight. Then, she comes in with juice and hands it to the kids without asking me. I just handed them back and thanked her, to which she said, "Oh. You're one of those moms, huh?" I was like, "Excuse me? It's past 5:30 and we try not to give them any liquids after that." Obviously, I've never met this woman; she was a friend of the friend. So, then, she decides that the kids need toys and I was grateful for that because they were getting antsy. We had to put the harnesses on them early on because there was a large set of stairs within feet of this little living room that everyone was crammed into. She brings up little legos and Polly Pocket dolls. !?!?! I was like, "Um, thank you so much for the offer, but those really are too small for them to play with. We're just fine with what I have here." I mean, really? It was a disaster. She insisted, later, that I send the kids downstairs with her 8 year old so that she could keep an eye on them. So, we took that as our cue that it was probably time to leave. *sigh*

Ethan was miserable all the way home. We got home and he just screamed for 20 minutes. I put them in their jammies and brought them upstairs for bed, since it was 8:15 and well past bedtime. He screamed for 30 minutes. I'm quite certain that we'll be up at 2:00, as is usually the course.

I feel like, if a party is not going to be kid friendly, perhaps that should be revealed when the parent calls to check? I mean, when I called, I'd much rather be told that the house really isn't appropriate for little kids so that I could find alternative care for them. It would have been much more enjoyable for everyone involved if I left the kids at home.

This week is going to be a super busy one! Tomorrow I have to hang new curtains in the kitchen (we got cafe-style so that it's easier to see outside) and do some laundry. I really do have to get the second dresser built, but my rheumatoid arthritis has kicked in to full force and it's hard to do it. Tuesday evening, my 8-year old neice is coming to spend the night. We love having her here; the kids are just mad about her and she is just as mad about them. :) Plus, she wears them out! LOL! (I hear they do the same to her, though.) She's a great "big sister" to them and we're lucky to have her.

My friends, both IRL and cyber. I couldn't have ever made it through these years with the twins without the ladies I've met on-line. Your support has been invaluable.

Long-sleeved shirts and yoga pants. LOL! Goodness, I'd live in my yoga pants if I could.

Toe socks.

Snuggle time with my husband.

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