Friday, December 5, 2008

Update on us.

Not much to report here from cold, expensive Virginia. I had my ultrasound today and, just to put my husband's mind at ease, the tech did a thorough check and was able to tell him with 100% certainty that there was only one (very healthy, big) baby in there. (As if we didn't already know this!) The problem is this little bugger wouldn't sit still or cooperate. We were in the room for an hour and she spent a good 20 minutes just trying to get a picture. She even brought another tech into the room because she couldn't get certain angles. The one sure piece of information is that they definitely know what the sex is. Thankfully, they didn't share that info with us. The doctor didn't realize that we didn't want to know, so he never warned us that he was entering that territory when he was scanning (the doc scans after the tech, just to double check). So, I have a feeling I know what I'm having. But, I can't be 100% positive. :) The tech did tease us on our way out and wanted us to know that she knows... LOL! In the early stages of this pregnancy, the ob had one date set for a due date. The specialist felt it was a week later. They've argued back and forth about this and today we discovered that the baby is actually measuring closer to the original doctor's due date. But, the specialist won't change the date he has put down. My uterus is large (duh!) and the baby weighs nearly a pound. All throughout the sonogram, I was having to switch places from back to side and doing a lot of wiggling of the belly. In the beginning, the baby just wouldn't stay put and kept kicking and punching towards the wand. At one point, he/she gave the thumbs up sign before turning over and away from the wand. My placenta is anterior, just as I suspected it was, which is the reason I can't feel such a defined amount of movement. If the baby wasn't turned over and away from the camera, he/she was covering his/her face with his/her arm. Quite amusing, but frustrating, as we were hoping to have some good pictures. I'm sure we'll end up with a few more as the pregnancy comes to an end. I have to be seen every 4 weeks from this point on, then every 2 after we hit a certain point. I guess I'll never *not* be considered high risk. Either way, it doesn't matter. The baby is healthy!

I want to take this opportunity to express, out loud, my hopes for a natural childbirth. LOL! I know, insane. But, as this will be our last baby, I want to experience it all. The c-section was easy as punch, if I were to be honest, and I really lucked out in that regard. I hear a lot of really negative stuff about c-sections. The experience wasn't at all what I had hoped, because I didn't get to see them as they were yanked from my belly, but the recovery was a breeze. I honestly think that has to do with me having all of the tubes and such removed within 20 hours and was up and walking with a shower taken. But, I simply cannot handle not having control of my body for that long. The feeling (or lack thereof) from the epidural was incredibly uncomfortable and I don't want to experience that again. I may very well change my mind as the pain comes on, but I'm hoping I can get through it. My level of pain tolerance is unusually high.

The kids are doing well. Ethan has been having some serious meltdowns as of late and I'm not sure what that's all about. He will, literally, scream as though his fingernails are being ripped out one by one...and I have no idea what he wants. It's frustrating. Elizabeth has become super cuddly and will climb into my lap and wrap her little arms around my neck and snuggle for 20 minutes at a time. VERY unusual for her! They are really talking up a storm now and it gives me great hope. They are also spending a lot of time talking to each other in jibberish. They did this as babies, too, but this seems to be more deliberate and well defined. And, it's definite conversations instead of a few words here and there. As long as the English continues expanding, I'm not going to worry myself about it. :)

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