Monday, December 22, 2008



Sometime around 5:00 this evening, I received two phone calls. The first was from my hospice coordinator. The second was from one of the hospice facilities that I have a patient in. Both wanted to let me know that I was exposed to the Norovirus yesterday, unknowingly. Two of my patients have it. The facility put up its sign late last night.

Not more than 10 minutes later, I was sitting on the couch talking with my mom and Figgy curled up in my lap (which is very out of character for her...unless she is sick). She got very, very quiet and snuggled in close. All of a sudden, she sat up and looked at me. She was white as a ghost and pointed to her lips. As I stood up with her in my arms to head to the kitchen, I asked her if she was going to throw up. She let out a very pitiful "uh huh" and the flood gates opened. She has been throwing up ever since.

Coincidence, or has the Norovirus invaded our home?


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amy a said...

Oh no! I hope your kids don't have it!