Saturday, December 6, 2008

Doctors offices and waiting.

Why is it doctors office waits can be so miserably long? I mean, if we (as patients) show up late, we're shown the door (only happened to me once, though). I've seen it happen a number of times. But, I've NEVER been seen on-time for an appointment - even if I've got the first appointment of the morning. Today I called to get a sick appointment for Elizabeth and was told to be there at 12:20. We arrived at 12:15 (because I always try to be places early) and do you know we waited until 1:50 to be seen? We were the last appointment of the day. 1:50!?!?!? An hour and a half past our appointment time. You better believe I didn't apologize or try to make Elizabeth stop fussing and screaming. I just sat there and let her do it. I would have joined along, if I thought it would make a difference.

Turns out she has a severe upper respiratory infection and gastroenteritis (fancy speak for diarrhea.) The URI came on so suddenly; literally within less than 6 hours. Very weird stuff!

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