Monday, December 15, 2008

Our real estate reality.

So, the cost of living in the Washington D.C. area and surrounding suburbs is ridiculous. We live in a small "town" just 20 minutes outside of the city in Virginia. I have been watching my dream home being built down the street and just noticed the sign go up in the front yard. Mind you, the homes around it are the typical "cracker box" style homes...all one level, box-like, surrounded by 100 year old maple and oak trees. It's small town America and I do love it here, but this is proof of why we'll never be able to stay.

The cost of this beautiful home? $1,250,000.00 A home like this in, let's say, Cary, NC where we're looking would cost a fraction of this house. And, to top it all off? This house has really no land associated with it. The entire lot size is 0.24 acres.

Just to give you more of an idea, we live in a four bedroom townhome that is 1800 sq. ft. They are enormous for this area and we're exactly one mile from a metro station. The home in the next court that is comparable to ours (not nearly as nice, curb appeal-wise) is selling for $389,000.00. For a townhome!

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MereCat said...

Oh. ohohohoh. real estate. it used to be a pleasure but now it's a pain. I am in the real estate industry and I say stay on the conservative side of your budget. You want a life and not just a mortgage.