Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So excited!

You'd think I was the kid this Christmas! LOL! Everyone in the family was asking what the kids wanted, so earlier in the year I started their wish list. Things have been disappearing off of the list, but I didn't realize it until this evening, when the UPS man came to our door. Unfortunately, what was in the box was clearly marked, so I know what they got...I'm just not sure which of you got it for them. But! I'm so excited! The kids are obsessed with safari animals, a theme which was started by their great uncle Steve and great aunt Jeannie. For their first Christmas, they purchased the kids several huge stuffed animals (giant panda, elephant, zebra...) and Figgy sleeps with the panda while The Professor sleeps with the zebra. I found the perfect bedroom set for them that will take them into young childhood and it is a safari theme. Someone we love got them their book displays for Christmas! Yay!

ETA: Please, please, PLEASE - do not get them stuffed animals! Those things are dust magnets and I'll be darned if I end up with boxes of stuffed animals in two years. We've got 6 of them, now, and I'd like to keep it that way. :) I'm looking for bean bag sacks right now so that we can take all of MY stuffed animals from childhood that are in boxes and make use of them. Let's not start something we can't control...that's my new motto!

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