Thursday, December 11, 2008

A post sure to cause raised eyebrows.

I'm having one of those days. They don't happen often...maybe twice since I became a mom?

Whining all morning. Couldn't figure out the cause, so I couldn't correct it. Nap lasted less than an hour. We are now in full meltdown mode and I have had to remove myself from the living room and come upstairs before I lose my mind. I can hear toys being thrown down the stairs to the basement. I can hear napkins being ripped apart as they dig through the china cabinet hutch. Ethan stood in the hallway for 33 minutes, screaming as he has taken to doing as of late, for no reason that I could determine. Ellie is, literally, grabbing everything in her reach out of sheer frustration and I can't determine what she's frustrated drink...the tissues...the remote control....she turns the tv on and then turns it all the way up. They are being abnormally destructive today. The tree has tipped twice, been turned all the way around, cords are everywhere and the walls have been scratched to holy hell. I am within minutes of spanking both kids and sending them to bed for the night. And the best is yet to come. I still have to fight with them to put on their coats and shoes, load them into the car, and go get Jason from work. Ethan will scream all the way there, as he has been for the last week. The minute we get in the car, the pointing and screaming begins.

Today, I hate being a mother. I am ready to ship my kids off to boarding school in Switzerland.


Eeyorebabies said...

Hey hun,
I so know the feeling. Let them raise their eyebrows. Unless they have twins they don't have a CLUE! I feel your pain and frustration. I strongly believe cabin fever is setting in. My kids have been crankier than usual too. Lots of pops on the hands and timeouts have been going on around here lately. Even DH is losing his patience with them. Hang in there, Spring is just a few months away
:( We need to get together sometime. Things always seem so chaotic though don't they???

Figgy and The Professor said...

I think you're right about the cabin fever. I do try and get them out of the house for several hours a few days each week. I think part of it, as much as I'd like to brush off the idea, is the age and a phase of fierce independence.

We do need to get together! I've been thinking about heading over to the indoor soft playground at Lee Distric Rec Center (located in Springfield on Telegraph). I've heard tons of wonderful things about that place from other twin mommas. I want to check it out because we may end up renting that space for the kids' birthday party in January.