Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's here...

We have been hit by the virus. I called the ped this morning and they told me they didn't want Figgy anywhere near the office. *laughs* They are down to 1/2 staff because so many kids have presented with the virus and it's so wickedly contagious. So, they asked that I kindly refrain from bringing her in and thanked me for calling, first. What they did say was that just from the sounds of it, she definitely has it. She was up most of the night but finally up at 5:30. She's burning up, but nothing is bringing the temp down (read: motrin/tylenol/motrin/tylenol alternating). She has thrown up several times and can't keep anything in her tummy. She did ask me for a banana this morning and then proceeded to drink 5 ounces of water with 2 Tbsp. of juice mixed in. The problem, as I quickly found out? With this virus and children, you can't allow them free reign with the liquids as you would normally do. It came right back up. So, I've been offering her liquids by the 1 ounce. Ethan went back to bed this morning and slept until 9:00, so she and I snuggled on the couch until then. She wants to be on top of me at all times, which is fine. I told Jason I have no issues with not doing anything today and can run errands and shop for Christmas dinner tonight at some point. Poor Ethan, though. He just wants to get up on the couch with us and snuggle, too. He spent a good part of the morning climbing up and patting Ellie on the head, reaching in to kiss her, and then trying to wrap his arm around her. She wanted nothing to do with any of it, of course. There were a few cat naps on her part and each time I would slide out from underneath of her to crawl onto the floor with Ethan, she'd wake up and cry. If I went to the kitchen to get more juice or toast, she'd cry. Finally, sometime around 11:00, she was sound enough asleep that I was able to get some playtime in with Ethan. She did wake up around 11:30 and crawled off of the couch and over to us and sat for a few minutes before laying her head on my lap. She's just a rag doll and that makes me so sad. She lays there, lifeless, obviously not feeling well.

Ethan started with terrible diarrhea about 10:30, so I'm preparing myself for the worst.

I hate it when they're sick like this. :( I feel so helpless.


Janette & Bentley said...

Poor little one! I hate when kids get sick like that. One of my little ones had that and ended up being dehydrated to the point where he was admitted to the hospital for IV fluids over Thanksgiving (a couple years ago). And you know it's just a matter of time before the other one starts with the same thing. I hope both your little ones feel better very soon! Hugs to you all!

amy a said...

Oh Heather! Yuck! I hope your little ones feel better soon! Your right, it is really awful when they feel sick! Here's to hoping you and your hubby don't catch it!