Saturday, December 27, 2008

61 degees in Washington D.C.

What on earth is with this weather!?!? Seattle and Portland are getting OUR snow, darn it! My aunt sent me a card from Portland asking if I was making a surprise visit because it never snows there unless I'm visiting. :)

We took the kids downtown tonight to see the National Christmas Tree. It seems everyone else in Maryland, Virginia and the surrounding areas decided it was a great idea, too, because it was much more congested than usual down there. For those who have never been, it's pretty neat. The tree sits in the center of 56 surrounding (much smaller trees) from the states and territories. In addition to the trees, they have a yule log, reindeer, Santa's workshop, various entertainment during the evening and a manger scene. Surrounding the large tree in the center is an entire scene of miniature trains (Ethan's favorite part of the evening!). Each of the small trees is decorated by a different group in their state each year.

Elizabeth was pretty miserable this evening, so there aren't too many pictures to share. But, we caught a very cute moment (terrible picture, though) between the two of them as we were walking from the car to the tree.

And then, as soon as Elizabeth realized mommy wasn't holding her other hand anymore...

And, finally, the National Christmas Tree...

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