Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And baby makes...


As I sit here watching Ethan standing on top of the couch, hollering at the people out back and seeing Ellie curled up on the couch with the dog while watching Pooh, I'm still in a world of shock.

Jason and I decided a while ago that there would be no more kids for a few years because of financial woes. Having twins with crappy medical insurance was costly for us. Very costly. Of course, we both always wanted three kids, but figured we'd have 2 in kindergarten before we'd try for another. We were set to take care of the financial stuff, freeing up some money to put away in savings. I struggle with fertility issues thanks to PCOS and it's nearly impossible to get pregnant. So, imagine my surprise when I started feeling icky the last few days and decided to take a test. That second line is definitely there! And, of course, everything is making sense now. Our dog has been increasingly clingy and protective of me. The babies have wanted to spend a lot of time on my tummy and chest, snuggling. The cats won't stay off of me; Dax sleeps on my pillow or right next to me. I've been exhausted as of late. Now I know why I'm not losing weight, even while working out.


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