Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The best toy ever... our home, anyway!

Okay, so, aside from boxes. :)

I picked up a gift for our neighbor the other day and I was so excited about this! I turned out to be the best thing, ever, for our two. I strategically placed them in the diaper bag, so that when we're out and they get fussy, I have something harmless for them to do. You simply must check this out. There's no mess, no fuss, you just add water to the tube and they color with it. When the page dries, the picture disappears. Yaaaay, Aquadoodle!

Elizabeth has a new catch phrase: "Oh nooooo...peas!" (Read: Oh, no. Please!) Her favorite past time is taking Ethan's blankie and walking up to him, waving it in his face, and squealing with delight as she runs across the room with him chasing after her. They are the best of friends. :)

Ethan has mastered the art of animal sounds. He can tell you what the following animals say: cow, puffer fish, dolphin, dog, cat, sheep, snake, lion, bear, snowman (brrrrrr) and chicken. If you ask him to show you the puffer fish, he will frantically look for his fish book and open the pages until he finds it. His sound for cat is, "prrrrrr..." We had to move their cribs to the center of the room, so that they were touching. Ethan was waking up every night in the middle of the night, sobbing and wailing. On a whim, I moved the cribs together so that he could be closer to Elizabeth. It turned out to be the saving grace and he is sleeping peacefully again. He does wake up after his naps, in a state of panic, when he realizes Elizabeth is not there. She doesn't sleep as long as he does and I go in to get her but he continues sleeping. He is very dependent on her being near. It's a very sweet thought. He's such a sensitive child.

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