Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Room design

First, let me express how truly bummed I am. I have experienced my first non-delivery with This makes me feel:

I've had nothing but wonderful transactions with the sellers there. I've been inspired to open my own shop and have been ordering supplies to stock up on for the shop and for the festival that our little town has every fall. Well, I ordered a good amount of supplies from someone and he has not returned any e-mails, any convo requests, any conversations through paypal and no response to etsy's requests. As much as I hated the idea of leaving negative feedback, that's exactly what I did. Bummer. Hopefully I'll get my money back. It's stinky because he was the only one that had the merchandise I was looking for. I've searched EVERYWHERE for it.

Anyway, I talked last week about the wall appliques of jungle animals that I purchased and the butterflys for the ceiling of the twins' room. Tonight, I got out on my own for a little bit and found myself wandering the aisles of Michaels, aimlessly. That's a dangerous place for someone like myself to wander. But, I had a gift card and it was burning a deep and painful hole in my pocket. I picked up a really cool pair of needlenosed pliers and some much needed crafting wire. Then, I found the wood section and the bin of jungle animals! I picked up 7 large jungle animals and 7 dowel rods of varying lengths (all around 36" in height). Then, I picked up some of that green styrofoam that goes into plant boxes and lots of jungle-type greenery. My thought (and I'll post a picture tomorrow) is to glue the animals to the tops of the dowels and stick the dowels into the foam. Then, I'll fill the pot that I purchased with the greenery and stick the animals in there at different heights. It'll be smashing! I can't wait to just get started on their room. I love what we did, originally, but that was for a nursery. My kids are big kids now and quickly entering the terrible 2s.

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