Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday, Wednesday

I am so excited! I picked up a good deal on fabric and I'm simply mad for Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry. They are magnificently brilliant designers.

I'm making two sundresses for Elizabeth out of the fourth and eighth fabric. The rest are going to be for ponytail holders, hair handkerchiefs and whatever else I can come up with. They're beautiful colors, aren't they?

We finally broke down and decided it was time for Elizabeth to get her first haircut. It was a DISASTER! I was nearly in tears by the time we left and I actually had to just walk out when it was over. The woman was a monster. She was just nasty, unpleasant and seemed bothered that we had the audacity to walk in and expect her to cut our child's hair. We went to Cartoon Cuts, expecting that, since they are geared towards kids, they'd be perfect. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! Her attitude was terrible, she never smiled, she answered her personal cell phone...I told her this was our first haircut and, according to the store's policy, she should have collected the hair to put into a plastic bag and print out a certificate for us. She brushed Ellie's hair onto the floor, where I had to kneel down to pick it up. At that point, I told her that I just wanted the bangs trimmed and not to do the rest of the hair. She didn't even fix Ellie's bangs, they're crooked for crying out loud! She didn't have any plastic bags for the hair, and said she didn't have anymore certificates up front and didn't know where to look for them in the back. I asked if she could check and she said, "I'm here alone and said I don't know where to look." So, she charged me $5.99 and I didn't give her her a tip. I was distraught by the time it was all over. I suppose I'm just a sentimental fool. Anyway, here's my big girl sitting on daddy's lap.

I decided I'd wait to get Ethan's done, since the experience was so miserable. I'll have to check with a few other mom's in the area and see who they recommend. We have our 18 month check-up next week for Ethan. Dr. W didn't have a twin slot this month, so we had to split them up. I'm quite certain she'll just do both of them at the same time. She's such a wonderful woman. We also have to go pick up Ellie's new shoes tomorrow. Her "big girl shoes" came in while we were in Boston. Poor kiddo will have to wear these special shoes 24/7 for four months. I feel for the kid, I really do. Apparently, this is a common ailment in twins, as they spend so much time being squished in the womb.

Speaking of twins!!! What the heck is the deal with Angelina Jolie? I was reading the statement by her doctor that this is common practice in twins to have the mother hospitalized for the last few weeks. Huh? And, he went on to say that it's common, especially for women who had a prior c-section. It always amazes me when I read about celebrity parents, especially the twin parents because, let's face it, it's all the rage in Hollywood to have twins. Anyway, these women have no idea what the reality of being a parent of multiples is all about. Nannies? Chefs? Night nurses? Gimme a break.

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