Friday, July 11, 2008

Mini Tree Huggers

In keeping with a conversation I had with my best friend this afternoon about me becoming a tree-hugging hippy, I give you my children:

We went to a new park today and there was just something about this tree stump that kept calling the kids over. Ellie sat and had a 5 minute conversation with it. She was very animated about it, too. She hugged it. No, really. She hugged it. Ethan kept patting it on the "head" and trying to lift it out of the ground. He was very adamant that it needed to be moved into the woods, with the other trees. It was quite a site; my little nature lovers.

So, back to the conversation. V and I were talking about Community Supported Agriculture because my husband and I had decided earlier this year that we wanted to participate. We were spending an obscene amount of money at the grocery store for sub-par fruits and vegetables every week. Figgy and the Prof only eat fruits and veggies, so we were averaging $100/week for their food. V is interested in the concept and the conversation eventually turned to how I'm mellowing out in my old age when it comes to politics. I've become a real life tree hugger, folks. I mean, I've always been a bleeding heart when it comes to animal rights and I scream about how they're cutting down all these trees for mcmansions and office buildings, but my politcal beliefs were extreme and always black & white. Now that I'm older, have two kids, and our financial status has changed dramatically, I find myself fighting for the little guy. It kills me that the local farmers and small shop owners are being pushed out in favor of big business. My goal in life is to raise my kids to respect hard work, the environment, animals and the people around them.

On a different note, how about that throw back to the 70's that I was talking about earlier?
Yep. That's the exact same dress that I wore when I was her age, in 1976. I also wore the exact same shoes. Unfortunately, they're not being worn for style.

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