Sunday, June 29, 2008


I am in mad crafty momma frenzy! I have all these ideas and nothing available to me, yet, and I am officially addicted to! I've ordered a slew of fabric, trim, and supplies, so now I just have to be patient. I found this hip fabric that would be simply adorable as a pair of pants for Ellie this fall:

Wouldn't that just be cozy with a brown or burnt orange/red turtleneck sweater?!?!?! I can't wait to get the bolt.

We did absolutely nothing this weekend! Nothing! There was no organizing of the kids' closet, no boxing up of yard sale stuff, no reorganization of the basement (post-flood) and no cleaning to speak of. We did manage to dust everything in our bedroom and I did hang a few pictures, along with setting up the air purifier in the nursery. And, I did get out on Saturday to see my hospice patients. I'm concerned that one is being abused by the staff in her nursing home and I filed a report and contacted our reps. It turns out my first patient of the day actually did have a stroke last weekend, as I suspected. I also got up to Potomac to see my grandmother in the nursing home. She was very alert and talkative, even though nothing really made any sense. She was very excited to see the twins and clapped her hands like a child. It makes me sad to see her like this and, shamefully, I have a harder time seeing her than I do with my hospice patients. I really do need to get on the ball and find a hospice facility in Maryland for grandmother. (Note to self!)

I'm most certainly jinxing myself by saying this out loud, but I've had 7 straight days of 3+ hour naps from the kids! I think I may have finally figured out the ideal nap routine for our family. I was laughing last night because my sleep bible says they should be taking two naps, still. LOL! All things considered, though, that book saved our lives! Every mother should read this book.

I've been fretting, as of late. I keep hearing other moms of twins talking about how easy this stage has been/was for them. This particular stage is exhausting and has been the most challenging, by far. I look back at the newborn phase with fond memories. I know it was challenging and we were just learning, but they didn't have definite opinions and ideas, they didn't run in opposite directions and, when they screamed, it was a muffled, cute sound. I have a friend who is getting ready to have her first child and we were talking on Friday about coming home from the hospital. I had forgotten about that moment! The instant I shut the car door and we had gotten the kids settled into their seats, I burst into tears. I sobbed all the way home, begging my husband to take us back to the hospital. I was convinced I needed the nurses to help me. I didn't know a darned thing about being a new mom of two babies. Here we are, 17 (almost 18) months later, and I feel like a pro at this. I've certainly changed my views about a good deal of things. I may even vote for the opposing candidate this go-round! *gasp!*

Why is it, when I get settled into a new scent, they discontinue the perfume? This has happened to me every single time I discover a new perfume. First it was (don't laugh) Love's all those years ago. Then, Incognito. Eddie Bauer Balance. Finally, FCUK. It's ridiculous! I'm a jinx, I tell ya. And, why did my deodorant stop working, all of a sudden?!? What's that all about?

Finally, does anyone know where I can find a blonde-friendly, fool-proof sewing machine? I am tired of spending 45 minutes just trying to thread the dang thing and get it set up!

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