Monday, June 16, 2008

No, no cheese Monday.

So, we had an uneventful Monday. The kids slept in and I, under the influence of Nyquil, slept right through my alarm clock. It was nice to lay in bed and listen to them talking, though. It really seems as though we've had a language "pop" in the last few days. As a matter of fact, we had two new words appear out of, virtually, nowhere this morning. Let me set the stage for you...

Every morning, we come downstairs and I change the kids into their clothes for the day. Then, I make breakfast. While that is going on, one of them will turn on Disney and they'll watch The Little Einsteins. This morning, I came out to the dining room and called them for breakfast. Ethan, true to his normal self, came running into the room with his arms lifted up. As I was putting him into his high chair, I called for Ellie.

Me: "Ellie, it's breakfast time. Come in here, please."

Ellie: "No."

Me: *pauses and wonders if I heard my daughter correctly.* "Come here, please. Breakfast is ready and it's going to get cold."

Ellie: "No. No, no, no."

Me: *steps back and peaks into the living room to find her daughter standing in the middle of the room looking in my direction* "Okay, that really wasn't a question. Consider it a statement and come here, please."

Ellie: "Nah."

Now, I'm sure you're probably thinking what I'm thinking. When did she become a teenager? Surely time hasn't flown by that quickly, right? I mean, that's exactly what my thoughts were. So, I finished buckling Ethan into his chair and I said to him, "Ethan, did you just hear your sister? Can you believe that?" His response? He giggled.

I walked into the living room and picked her up. We had a short conversation in which I explained that the next 17 years of her life would probably be much easier if she took that word out of her vocabulary when it comes to responding to me. *laughs* So, for the rest of the day, Elizabeth would run into the living room, throw her little hands into the air and shake her head while saying, "no, no, no, no!" Then, she'd run the opposite direction, laughing her little head off.

God help me.

Ask Ethan what his favorite food right now is, and he will proudly exclaim, "CHEESE!" We had cheese and fruit for our morning snack and he was so proud of himself when he realized he could say it. We worked on putting "eat" and "cheese" together but only managed to get the sign for "eat" and the actual word for "cheese." Not bad, though, if I do say so myself!

So, yeah, that's my Monday. All I heard today was, "no, no! Cheese! No, no! Cheese!"

My finds for the day...

I'm making a new, padded headboard and matching curtains for my niece's new bedroom. First of all, let me say that I think it's absolutely the coolest thing ever that my sister-in-law and brother let her pick out the color choice. The color? "Slime" green, as my niece would say. It's an intense neon green. I have been searching for something to cover the headboard with and I had a good laugh when I came across this:

I think I may actually go ahead and do that. The curtains, however, are another story. I'll keep searching for something. I'm thinking of getting a plain set of sheers and embellishing those with something like this:

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