Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beautiful, lazy days

Bummer! I couldn't score an appointment with Joey before we leave for Boston next week. Joey Noufal is, arguably, one of the biggest talents in the hair industry. I've been going to him, off and on, for 5 years now. I say on and off because there are times when I just can't afford a cut, but I always regret going to the local $12 shop. You get what you pay for. Anyway, I wanted to chop off a few layers and play with the color before my dear cousin's wedding. I ended up taking an appointment with one of his Prot'eg'es, instead. It makes me nervous, but I need a cut!

Figgy and prof. are in wonderful moods today. They spent the earlier part of the morning rolling around the floor, wrestling. I pulled out their delightful frog pool and they cheered while leaping into the mouth. We (the dog and I) are now enjoying blissful silence (pauses for a moment to listen); yep, blissful silence. I savor my quiet moments during naps. They are never long enough, though, as Elizabeth has too much to do and too much to say. I'm sure, if she could talk, she would tell you naps are for lazies! Her brother, however, prefers the easy going life and snoozes his afternoons away. Inevitably, I will run upstairs to get her and he will be on his back with one arm behind his head and the other arm clenching 'blankie' while sucking on his thumb. She will be jumping up and down, hollering in her most urgent of voices because she is sure she missed something in that short 1-hour period. I will scoop her up, quietly tip-toe out of their bedroom, and bring her downstairs where she will examine all of her toys to make sure nothing is missing. Then, she will proceed to kiss the dog and demand I quickly grab her milk from the fridge. We will snack and play until Ethan wakes up, usually two or three hours later (yes, he naps for up to 4 hours). Thankfully, mercifully, Mother Nature has given us a reprieve and we will head to the local tot lot for an early afternoon romp.

On to my favorite finds!

Pediped Footwear is amazing! Of course, we all have heard that it's best for our little Figgy's and Professor's to go barefoot but, when it's not practical, these shoes have been recommended by pediatricians everywhere! They're gorgeous, no?

P'kolino's Play Table can be reconfigured by your child! It's up to their imagination.

fawn&forest's rainbow... Provides hours of play!

Nanette Lepore shoes...'nuff said!

I think a comfortable, short snooze on the couch with the dog is in order.

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