Friday, June 27, 2008

Sweet Babes

We had quite the day, today. I think we've hit that mark where we can't take the kids out to eat anymore. The last few times, I've left feeling humiliated and have come to the realization that we're *those* parents that we used to dread. Ethan will not sit still long enough to eat and throws a temper tantrum, screaming and throwing things. We're smack dab in the middle of the whole, "let's throw everything" phase. (Please tell me it's a phase!) He gets incredibly frustrated about something, anything, everything and reaches for the nearest thing to throw. If he can't find something to throw, then he finds the next best thing to take his frustrations out on. Sometimes it's the dog, occasionally the cats, but most of the time his sister.

Anyway, we went to lunch with my oldest and dearest friend from high school. She's a Godsend and just steps in and takes one of the kids and helps out. I had to cut our lunch short because Ethan had enough and, in true Ethan form, grabbed a piece of pita from the table and flung it across the restaurant. Thankfully, there was only one other family in Quiznos, but still, it was incredibly inappropriate. As she got out of the car and shut the door, both kids started wailing because she left. That's always a nice sign that they like the person we're hanging out with. They were asleep and snoring before we hit the highway and, once we got home and into cribs, they napped for almost four hours.

Tonight, just before bed, both kids climbed into my lap for snuggle time. They haven't done that in ages and so, instead of ushering them upstairs, I just sat in the chair with them. Each one laid their head on my shoulders and started chattering and giggling away. Jason was sitting here and we both had a good laugh. I would say, "Ellie, give Ethan a kiss." and she would reach over and kiss him on the cheek. He would howl with laughter and I'd tell him to give Ellie a kiss. He'd kiss her on the nose and she'd cackle that sweet little laugh that she has. This went on for 15 minutes and I sat there with tears welling up in my eyes because I feel so privileged to be a part of this and witness moments such as these; especially after the day we had!

No finds for the day! I slacked off. Sorry. :)

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