Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wait! Where are you going?

We have hit the wonderful phase of temper tantrums! I had to walk out of the room, laughing, this morning. Ethan, being the ever careful young man that he is, doesn't want to hurt himself. So, he drops to his rear, slowwwwwly lowers himself to the ground, and slams his fists on the ground while kicking. Well, this morning he was having a doozy of a tantrum about something and I walked away from him, down the hallway, and into the living room. I sat down on the floor with Elizabeth and tried to ignore him. Do you know that child got up from the hallway, stopped screaming long enough to follow me into the living room where he peeked around the corner and proceeded to throw himself on the floor and continue with said tantrum. ::blinks:: I had to excuse myself and walk into the kitchen while burying my face in a towel to hide the howls of laughter.

We had a glorious morning, playing and laughing with the dog. Every morning, after breakfast and changing clothes, we read. There is a certain book that Elizabeth simply covets. We read it a million times each day. We've been working on sign language because they are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of understanding. We have mastered the sign for "all done." We've been working on the sign for "eat." Elizabeth opened up the book to the page where all of the children are eating dinner and she pointed at it, looked up at me, and made the "eat" sign! I was so excited and cheers were heard all over the neigborhood! Of course, she wouldn't repeat this wonderous moment this evening for daddy.

The kids are spending increasingly more time scheming against us. They can often be found crouched in the corner of the living room, quitely chattering away. I've checked to see what is so fascinating about that corner, but there's nothing there. Everytime I approach them, they scatter to opposite sides of the room, laughing. ::chuckles:: Ah, the joys of parenthood.

My plans this weekend involve a hair makeover, sewing new clothes for the shop, laundry, possibly the zoo, and dinner at my dear brother's house in Fredericksburg. We celebrate Father's Day, his birthday, and my sister-in-law's birthday in one evening. They purchased their first home about 10 miles south of Fredericksburg and will be moving in on Saturday. They are very excited, as they should be. My brother has given my sister-in-law full decorating tips over the house as long as he can have full control over the front yard landscaping. :) As it should be!

A post from me wouldn't be complete without my favorites for the day! I have to tell you, I'm obsessed with There are endless possibilities on that site, with tremendously talented people. I plan to have my site up and running when we get back from Boston. I'll be sure to link it here, so that you can support my addiction of all things crafty!

^ Simply devine! This is going to be my newest purse!
^ Isn't this superb? Imagine a cute chocolate jumper with trim around the bottom and neckline!
^ Because of my love for all things asian.
^ I love the idea of these pillows for a certain microsuede couch! ;) Or, even better, for my couch!

That is all, my dear friends! It is trash night, the dog needs to be walked, and I want to be in bed for the news at 11:00. Sleep well, pleasant dreams and enjoy your Friday the 13th!

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