Sunday, February 15, 2009


Bought a new car. Minivan.

If I step back and think about all of those hopes and dreams I had back in high school, driving a minivan was so not one of them.

Be a mom. Check.
Be a wife. Check.
Be a friend. Check.
Love completely. Check.
Be a good daughter. Check.
College degree. Check. (One of the top 5 biggest mistakes of my life, by the way.)

Nope. Driving a minivan wasn't on that list.

Busy day twice weekly ultrasounds are still priority. After that, I have to run to E&E's doctor to get E's test results so that I have them for the specialist on Wednesday. Then, I have to run to the hospital to get the scans from his tests. Somewhere in there I have to be a mom and keep the kids fed and entertained. Oh, and clean the house and make dinner. Jason is sick, which never happens. He has an immune system like Fort Knox. Me? I pick up every living organism and it invades my body like the freaking plague; especially when I'm pregnant. My friend Kristy, the immunologist, has an explanation for that and it makes sense.

Taxes are coming, soon. With our refund, we'll be able to pay and close one credit card (leaving only one open), our line-of credit, my dentist bill and a small chunk to the bill leftover from the twins.

$2000 down, $175k more to go.

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