Monday, February 16, 2009

Darn all of you who actually plan and follow through!


So, the woman who makes me laugh decided to purge this weekend. Not only did she decide, but she actually had the audacity to follow through with it. As I look around me, I am reminded that I've been saying the same dang thing for several months, now. Gone are the days of throwing up for hours on end and not having enough energy to blink, let alone clean. So, what is my excuse? Procrastination, perhaps? Lack of energy? Lack of desire, maybe? Nope. It is sheer laziness and I am the queen.

We have to get this stuff done before the new little one arrives. It is all in the master bedroom, which will be where this baby sleeps for the first six months or so (until scheduling is mastered).

Dismantle entertainment center and take it to basement.
Find a place for husband's 500-piece DVD collection.
Remove makeshift desk and try setting back up the laptop.
Find a better spot for craft supplies.
Move shelves to basment.
Suction summer clothes into those handy vacuum bags before summer is actually here.
Remove 1/3 of closet clothes and put them in bags for AmVets next week.

So, why do I tell you all this? It is because I need to be held accountable and I think this might help me knowing I've shared my secret with you all.

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