Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday night

So, yesterday evening we ran over to the mall to pick up new shoes for Figgy. She's finally able to start wearing regular shoes (we still have to follow-up every few months for her hip issue and the feet) and we went into Stride Rite. While walking around, afterward, I buckled over in severe pain. I was in tears in the middle of the mall, which is so unlike me. I could barely walk. It passed once I sat down and I was fine. Fast-forward to this evening. I was getting up from changing diapers and we were going to head out the door to go pick up Jason and the pain hit me, again. I fell to the floor and had to sit there for a few minutes. Then, it hit me. I hadn't felt the baby move all day. Now, normally it's not a big deal because the baby sleeps all day and I don't typically feel much from her/him. But, beginning about 6:00 every night (like clockwork), my belly starts moving and dancing. I can feel the baby all night and everyone around me can see my tummy moving. I went to pick up Jason, picked up a pizza from our favorite local pizzaria, then headed home to hang out with my mom. When we got home, I sat for a few minutes trying to wake the baby up and get some movement. When that didn't work, I came upstairs and laid down for 10 minutes, shaking my belly, pushing and proding, and just laying still. Absolutely no reaction.

So, I called my ob and she sent me over to L&D. She initially wanted me to go to the closest hospital, but I talked her into letting me come over to my normal hospital. Once there, they tried to get some movement but were unable. I got settled into bed and they hooked me to the monitor and immediately picked up baby's heartbeat. I broke down sobbing and I think finally took a breath. I don't remember much of the drive to the hospital. Jason and I were both silent, thinking the same things...what if? It wasn't an instant relief, though, because baby's heart rate kept dropping from 150-ish to the low 100's. So, I spent a great deal of time rotating from left to right and we did a number of NSTs while I was there. After three hours, we were able to see improvement in the heart rate, but not enough that the nurse felt confident. So, she hopped on the phone with my ob, who headed over to check me out on her own. I have to tell you, I'd marry the woman if I could. I absolutely adore her. There is no other doctor in this world quite like her. She was phenomenal and had me laughing by the end of her visit. Even Jason loves her. :)

I'm home, now. All is well, but the joke between the nurse and our doc is that my body doesn't seem to know how to just grow one baby. I did so much better, pregnancy-wise, with the twins. This pregnancy has been much more difficult.

I am convinced this baby is a girl.

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