Thursday, February 12, 2009

I adore...

...hearing my kids call each other "sissy". :)

The Professor has always referred to Figgy as "sissy" or "MY sissy". When he talks to her, about her, or wants her attention, that's what he calls her. Figgy, in return, has taken to calling HIM "sissy". It's pretty funny and I know people must question it when they hear her calling him that.

The other thing I adore is the constant "twin speak" that is going on. They've always done it, of course, but it has really increased dramatically over the last several months. It's non-stop and I just love sitting back and watching them/listening to them.


MereCat said...

Oh I love this part too. I love it when they play together and they don't think I'm watching. That's the best.

Figgy and The Professor said...

Yes! Half the time, I truly believe they don't realize I'm watching them so intently. There have been so many moments, lately, where they lay on the floor holding hands and laughing.

Shhhh...don't tell anyone I said this, but I'm almost afraid to think it might be getting easier.