Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Ethan was up at 3:30 and 5:15. Night terrors, again? I'm not sure. I do know that I'm hearing a thumping coming from the adjoining townhouse at 6:00-something and during their naps, so we'll be moving bedrooms sooner, rather than later. I don't know if it's the 3-year old next door or if it's something else. We only have two bedrooms upstairs (third is in the finished basement) and we're in the bigger room. Their room is only big enough to fit the two cribs, their tall dresser and a hope chest. Once the new baby comes and gets on a schedule, they will all three be in the same room (our bedroom). I was going to wait until the baby is here and we're ready to switch rooms, but with the thumping, we'll just move the dates up. The bonus is that I won't be able to clutter the bedroom with clothes and such; it'll be more of a retreat as it really should be.

Ellie is testing every nerve in my body these last two weeks. I'm still congested and achy from the bug last week, so I know my temper is a little bit shorter than normal. She got up on the dining room table for the millionth time today, so I swatted her. Do you know she CHASED me across the living room on my way to the bathroom and hit me on the bottom?!?!? She is very whiny, very needy and very much into pushing mommy's buttons these days.

It's 8:00 and I can barely keep my eyes open! I went in for my follow-up appointment on Tuesday and had lost another pound. The first thing my doc did when she opened the door, other than give me a hug and a hello, was to talk about meds. Since the zofran didn't work and the Unisom is out of the question for me, she gave me two more things to try. One is a Phenergan suppository (UGH!), which I'm to try first. I've taken it twice and other than the usual side effects, it knocks me out. I took it at 4:15 today and fell asleep sitting up on the couch at 7:00. I crawled upstairs with both kids for bed and wanted to catch up on e-mail and try to log in some time for work. I'm not going to make it as far as work goes. Too much to actually think about and my brain shut down an hour ago.

The baby is doing very well! The heartbeat was 150-160, right on target, and she found it within seconds. He/she was right up against my belly near my pelvis. It was a fleeting moment, just long enough for both of us to hear, but that was such music to my ears!

So, that's it for us. Amber, if you're reading this, can we try and get together next week? I'll shoot you an e-mail tomorrow afternoon. We're definitely doing Boo at the Zoo; decided on it tonight after looking at finances for the next two weeks. We just had too much fun last year!


Eeyorebabies said...

YAY!!! I'd love to go to Boo at the Zoo! Ummm, don't know if you read my blog, the kiddos are sickly. So we'll see how things play out. Uggg, Kaiden got out of his crib. Rather that fight the crib tents we have, we're going to try it out with the toddler beds and see how things pan out.
I also wanted to add another YAY!!!!! That Elvis is still hanging in there!!!! How exciting! I bet that was such an amazing feeling. You know you can rent fetal dopplers, not the same as the ones you can buy at target. I rented mine for $25 a month. It was so worth it. Anytime I stressed about whether the kiddos were ok in there, I would bring it out, and hear those healthy heartbeats! I rented mine from
Anyway, shoot me an email on when you have in mind for Boo at the zoo.

Janette & Bentley said...

What a relief that all is well with your baby! I've been worried about you guys!

Oh, and BTDT being chased by a kid to swat me. Not fun, though probably a little funny (to watch).

MereCat said...

I'm so glad the baby is doing well! i am much relieved for you. And I also rented a fetal doppler same as eeyorebabies. It was a totally awesome thing to have for peace of mind.