Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin carving!

So, I haven't been able to do much right as of late. It seems I'm forgetting things, misplacing things, losing any desire to get anything done, and just generally being a failure at most tasks...but I had a burst of energy tonight so we ordered pizza and I carved the little pumpkins the kids got at one of our many trips to the pumpkin patch this year. I couldn't do faces as you will see they are really quite small. So, I decided to carve the letter 'E' into each one. I let the kids dig out the inner guts and they had a blast! I'm not quite sure how much of it they ate, but let's just say Elizabeth's pumpkin has two bite marks on it. LOL!

Miss Figgy has taken to being rather bossy as of late. This afternoon, upon waking from her nap, I could hear, "Mom! MOM MOM MOM! NOW!" You see, I'm not 'mommy' as I had hoped I would be. Instead, I have a grown up child who insists on calling me 'mom.' Ethan calls me momma.

I'm tossing around ideas for a large Christmas/birthday gift for them and I think we've decided upon a train table that also doubles as an activity table.

I'm really not quite sure what else to get for them. We were aiming for trikes, but I'm afraid we're in for a hard winter and won't spend a whole lot of time outside. My goal is to set the basement up as a playroom before it gets too cold out.

Hope all is well with you!

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Eeyorebabies said...

I definately agree about the tricycle thing. We are bringing in the kids playground and setting it up in the play area with those foam mats underneath. I dreaded last winter in UT. We would get 2 feet of snow overnight. I hated the cabin fever that went along with it. I thinks that's why we ended up traveling to Louisiana and California for the Holidays. Anything to get away from all the snow! LOL, we can trade, the kids can come play in your basement, and then the kids can come play on the indoor playground in our house :P