Monday, October 13, 2008

Quick update

This is a quick update for tonight... Ethan is running a temp of 102.9 (rectal) and the doctor's office doesn't seem concerned. I am, but there's not a lot I can really do to push it because they won't see him until he's had a fever for three days. So, I'm loading him up on Motrin and Tylenol combos and trying to push the fluids. I'm concerned because I noticed tonight when he had his shirt off, that he appears to be malnourished almost. You can see his ribs in his back and his collarbone juts out. My mom keeps trying to remind me that my middle brother is just like that; he has an extraordinarily high metabolism and that the doctors tried for years to get him to gain weight and it never worked. I feed him whenever he wants it and can't really do much more than that. If he's done with what is on his plate, then he's done. So, I'm not sure what I can do about that. Mom says more fat. What does that mean, exactly? From 12 months on, our ped has sung my praises and tells me she'd take us on the road with her as an example of the proper diet. My mom's idea? Feed them more french fries. Thanks, mom!

I've got a fever of 101, but no strep throat. I ventured to the doc this afternoon and her professional diagnosis was "the creeping crud." Apparently, there is a nasty cold/virus going around and I lucked out. So, my thought is that Ethan has this, too. Elizabeth will not get sick; she hardly ever gets sick.

Jason let me sleep this morning, after my first doctors appointment (ob). I came home around 10:00 and dragged my sore body upstairs around 10:45/11:00 and slept until 1:45, when I had to get up for my regular doc appointment. What a nice husband I have! He'd call in sick for me tomorrow, but it just isn't going to work out with the workload he's got right now. So, I'll curl up on the couch and hope the kids will let mommy be sick.

We have some potentially devastating news to report on the baby front. I went in for my regular 4-week check-up and they weren't able to find a heartbeat. I had a good, healthy cry on the way home but I'm feeling like I know my body well enough to know when I'm miscarrying. When we had our last miscarriage this late in the game, I knew it was happening and we didn't even know I was pregnant (12 weeks along). I'm supposed to be 13/14 weeks pregnant (depending on which docs you talk to - the fetal medicine specialist says 13 weeks, the ob says 14 weeks). So, my doc asked that I hang in for a week and come back next Tuesday to see if anything has changed. The thought process is that, if the baby has passed, then my body will begin the process of flushing the pregnancy. If not, then the baby has had a week to grow and we'll try again next week to find a heartbeat. There's nothing they can do to save the baby at this point in the game, and I know that. I just feel so confidently that there isn't anything wrong. Last week, the baby's heartbeat was 161 during the sonogram and he/she looked good. So, I'm hoping this is just a case that the baby has found a nice, quiet, dark place to stay and he'll/she'll hang out there for a while. Lord knows the twins stretched out my uterus enough to make plenty of space for a singleton. So, anyway, if you're the praying type, would you just shoot some prayers up our way? Thanks.


Janette & Bentley said...

P&PT to you and your family. I hope all is well with your pregnancy, and that you and your toddler are feeling better soon! Hugs!

Eeyorebabies said...

Oh HON!!! I'm so sorry you are going through that. Sometimes a baby's heart beat can be hard to find. Especially this young. Did you have an ultrasound? If not, I would be raising heck at the doc office. Tell them they didn't hear a HB, so take a look at the baby quickly via u/s. P&PTs for you and Elvis!

MereCat said...

Oh sweetie, I am so sorry. This is trauma you just do. not. need. Sending prayers and wishes to you.

On the fatten up topic.... Have you tried cream cheese sandwiches? It comes in all these flavors so surely one will pass muster. My kids like Salmon cream cheese, weird as that is.