Sunday, October 12, 2008

Funny thing about weddings...

First, I just need to get this off my chest. I'M SICK! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I really, really don't do well when I'm sick. Blech. Can it possibly be the flu? My body aches, my head aches, my nose is running like a marathon runner, my throat hurts and my eye balls hurt. Meh. I want a spearmint tea and a hot bath.

Okay, so that's over. :) Thanks. We went to a wedding this evening, without the kids, and had a beautiful time. I think my hormones are just all over the place, though, because I teared up. Which, in and of itself is pretty funny, because of the surroundings. The party came out as the sun was setting...someone yelled out, "Couldn't you have done this *after* the Redskins game!?!?" You see, everyone (including the bride and groom) there, other than me, are huge Redskins fans. And, they were playing today, during the wedding. Once that was out in the open, the ceremony began. And, then, just as everyone settled down, the ice cream truck pulled up. LOL! You see, the ceremony was outside at an historical landmark. Behind the property, there is a huge little league field where softball, soccer, and baseball games were wrapping up. So, not only were there miscellaneous cheers throughout the vows, but the ice cream truck showed up and blared his music. Somehow, I still cried and I'm not even good friends with these people. They're all my husband's friends! Damned pregnancy hormones.

The reception was a blast with tons of food ranging from grilled shrimp, bruschetta, sesame seed chicken, potato pancakes, grilled veggies, chicken with white wine sauce and prime rib with au quite a few more random options (like Thai Peanut soup). There was an open bar in one area of the house and a make-your-own sundae bar on the other! My non-drinking husband? Yeah. He drank several large white russians and TWO Sam Adams Oktoberfests. Can you guess who passed out in the car on the way home from Baltimore? ;) I love you, honey.

We got to catch up with my husband's old roommates, whom I just love. If I had two single girlfriends, I'd be all over setting them up. He had a nice time and I enjoyed just sitting back and watching him have fun.

While we were gone, my mom watched Figgy and the Professor. Professor is back on track for those random fevers. I'm not sure where they come from, but it's beginning to concern me. For about a year now, at random times, he has been coming down with really high fevers out of the blue. Literally, he'll be fine one minute and extremely lethargic and feverish the next. Sometimes, it only takes one dose of Tylenol or Motrin and he's back to "normal" within an hour. During that time, however, he just lays on the couch sucking his thumb and softly moaning. That's what happened this evening. Mom got them up from their naps (2 hours, thank you Figgy) and he wasn't really ready to get up (as usual), but was very clingy. Mom said that as soon as she picked him up, she realized there was a problem. Not knowing where our themometer is or that I keep the motrin in the fridge, she ran next door to get some infant tylenol (thanks, K!). Sure enough, after 2 hours, he was shoveling food in and playing with his sister on the floor. Isn't this bizarre? I'm officially concerned and will call the ped in the morning. And, Figgy has taken to telling you when she's ready for bed. Tonight, it was 7:40 and she curled up with my mom and snuggled into her arms. Mom asked if she was tired and Figgy looked up at her with those big, brown eyes and said, "mm-hmmm" while pulling mom's arm towards the gate. The Professor hopped down off the couch, thumb firmly planted in his mouth, and ran to the gate and up the stairs. Poor little man...he so desperately needs his own room. I honestly think he'd sleep 20 hours per day if we let him.

We picked up our large pumpkins for carving this weekend. It was a quick trip to the small pumpkin patch in town and, after picking out a pumpkin for my husband, Ethan decided he wanted a large, white pumpkin. So, we have two pumpkins for carving and he is proud of his albino pumpkin. :)

Tomorrow is my 4-week ob appointment to check on Elvis. Hopefully everything is right on track and we'll talk about the reason I'm measuring 5 weeks ahead of where I'm at (the baby is right on track for gestation dates). I'm getting all sorts of funny looks when people ask me when I'm due. And, how do I explain to people that I don't find it funny when they ask if we're sure we're not going to be the next Jon & Kate Plus 8? Really, folks, it's not funny anymore.

I have a meme to do tomorrow! Thanks, merecat! I'm good at those. :)

Okay, sicky here is off to bed. Man do I wish I could just take a sick day tomorrow and stay in bed. Maybe I can talk my dear husband into letting me do just that, after my doc's appointment.

Good night, everyone!

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