Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We'll call this The Great Popcorn Incident of 2008.

Let me set this up for you all. We have a small bowl of popcorn for snack every afternoon. Today, the phone was ringing off the hook because I have a hospice patient that is being abused and we're trying to get that taken care of. Anyway, I figured (silly me!) that they'd be okay with a small bowl for a second while I answered the phone. After all, we work very hard on knowing that we only take ONE item from the bowl or plate at a time. Let's backtrack for just a second....Miss Elizabeth has hit a VERY independent streak and likes to wear bibs. She likes to wear all of the bibs, if I'll let her. But, anyway, you'll notice just one bib on this afternoon, turned around as her superhero cape. I'm waiting for the day she insists on wearing her bright pink polka dot rain boots with her bibs out in public.

It got very quiet in the living room and suddenly I hear hysterical laughter and squealing. I peek my head around the corner and find this! Great fun was had by all, running around and dancing as the popcorn made funny sounds under their feet as it broke into a tiny million pieces. Oh, and, yes. That IS the popcorn bowl on Elizabeth's head.

I mean, really, what could I do? I just had to laugh and let them have their fun. That's what vacuums are for.

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MereCat said...

Oh hell yes! I'm just glad it wasn't spaghetti-os! Oh, and things on our head? Funniest thing EVER!