Monday, August 25, 2008

Screaming kids + a husband who doesn't call to say he's going to be over an hour late = one angry momma.

The kids were wonderful today. They're still winding down from an excessively busy weekend (the type that we really never do) and were in the type of moods that required two naps today. By 5:15, Figgy had enough and just couldn't take it anymore. She began screaming, the kind that shatters the finest crystal 50 miles away. I tried snuggling. I tried milk. I tried changing her diaper. I tried singing to her. Speaking softly. Ignoring her. Time out. A break in her room. Nothing worked. I kept thinking, 10 more minutes and daddy will be home. Then, it happened. The Professor began to protest, as well. Protest what, you may ask? I have no idea. I just know that I had two very vocal children on my hands and no husband to speak of. You see, he works less than 2 miles up the road, but he comes from a family where it's okay to be late without calling. He should be home everyday no later than 5:20 because, well, those few days when he actually does leave work on time, he gets home at 5:20. You better believe he'll make sure he's out the door tomorrow evening at 5:00 on the dot. Why? Because he's going to a baseball game with his father and, well, of course we *can't* be late for that. So, tonight, he walks in the door at 6:12! I was spitting darts at him and let him know that he is on his own for the rest of the night. So, I am now upstairs in the peace and quiet, about to curl up for a short nap and then I'll tip-toe downstairs to do some laundry.

My biggest pet peeve in the world has to do with people not calling to say they're going to be late. There is absolutely no reason for it, especially when you KNOW you're going to be late and you simply choose to just not pick up the phone. I've often asked him when he was going to start working a second job when it comes time to put the kids in daycare because he'll have to have a second job in order to pay the late fees. And, after so many times of picking them up late, we'll be expelled from daycare. So, honey, you better start looking for that second job...

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