Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We went on vacation. I'm tired. The Professor doesn't do well outside of his routine. Figgy wanted to join the dolphins and swim to Portugal. The kids protested sleeping. They learned it's fun to open doors. And hide in cabinets. And chase seagulls. We will never take another vacation with the kids. EVER. AGAIN. Is that clear enough? Never.

We came home on Saturday to a torrential downpour. The kids are no longer sleeping in cribs and, this morning, I climbed out of the shower to find two little faces staring up at me from the bathroom door. When I got into the shower, the kids were quietly playing in their room; with the door shut. Yes, I'm quite sure it was tightly shut, thank you. And, as I sit here silently refusing to get them up from their 45 minute nap (because it SHOULD be three hours), I can hear the drawers to their dresser opening and closing.

Note to self: Secure dresser to wall.

At this point, is it even worth keeping the cribs, or do we simply take the crib mattresses out and sell the cribs?

And there is the bedroom door opening.

Gotta go.

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MereCat said...

That sounds like how my posts usually go. Good luck! Let me know how you fare.