Monday, August 18, 2008

Computers are evil.

Ugh! I've been without access to a computer for FIVE days now. FIVE! Five long and painful days feeling disconnected to the outside world. My work lappy died and they are saying they thing it needs a new motherboard. Ugh. I haven't even begun paying my boss for it. As a result, I have no pictures, no spreadsheet with finances, and no documents. Everything is gone. Thankfully, I downloaded most pictures to our phanfare account...

Let's see...Figgy had the meltdown of all meltdowns today at the doctor's office. I had an appointment and it was so bad that the tech actually suggested that I find a sitter the next time I had an appointment. I came *this* close to telling him where he could stick his pen, especially after they left us sitting for an hour and half past my appointment time. That would be why I didn't even attempt to quite Figgy as she thrashed and screamed in the stroller. Once outside, I proceeded to have the mother of all meltdowns right alongside of Figgy. Once we kicked and screamed it all out, we headed on to finish our errands and both kids took a short 40 minute nap in the car. Blissful peace ensued.

The Professor is talking more and more each day and Figgy will sit and "read" from a book if you ask her to. The Professor is quite the little mommy's helper, too, and is eager to help when I need it. For instance, I asked Figgy to bring me her sippy cup this afternoon so that I could fill it up and she threw it at me. My little man walked over, gave his "sissie" a stern finger point and brought the cup to me with a big grin on his face.

We have experienced the most amazing events the last few weeks. I have talked about moving their cribs to the center of the room because Prof was having bad dreams and needed comforting, which Figgy is always ready and willing to do (such the little mommy). Well, we found them climbing into the other's crib every night, so I put the sides of their cribs down and made one large double crib. We found them snuggling, fast asleep the other night. It is the sweetest of all moments I have been blessed to experience in this journey as a mom of twins. They rely so heavily on one another for comfort and it makes me smile. Until, of course, Figgy decided that she was a circus performer and wanted to scale the wall using the crib rail and hanging from the letters attached to the wall...a crib tent was purchased this weekend until we decided it would be best to take off the rails and open them up to the world of toddler beds. I'm not buying toddler beds, though, as we're simply using the crib frames. This makes for a long and drawn out process for naps and bedtime, but they eventually succomb. It took an hour to fall asleep for naps today, but once they did, they slept until 5:15. Ethan was still talking in his crib after bedtime the last I checked, at 9:15. I don't open the door. I don't care where they end up falling asleep, if it be the floor or the laundry basket. They fall asleep and that is how it goes. :) I didn't get good sleepers on a schedule for nothing, dang it! At least we're still at the point where I can say, "naptime" or "bedtime" and they scamper to the gate and crawl up the stairs to their bedroom.

Our favorite sayings as of late: "Oh, no!" "Oh, my!" "Oh, boy!" "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!" (As in, awww, you're in trouble!) "No, no, no, no!" "Blantie!" (For blankie!) "Doddie" and "Titty" (Doggie and kitty)

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oohhhh twinny goodness abounds! I forgot. How old are they again?