Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mikayla comes to visit (and we have the best neighbors, ever!)

My wonderful niece came to visit this weekend! She arrived Friday afternoon and is staying until mid-day on Sunday. She was such a huge help, I can't even begin to explain how much *easier* life has been with her here! It's going to be agony having to do this alone, again, on Monday. LOL! Mikayla, you are the very best young lady I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I'm so very proud of you.

We hung out on Friday and had dinner out, then did her school shopping with Gramma W at Kohls. She got her entire fall wardrobe picked out and crashed when we got home. I had to carry her upstairs to bed. :) This morning, we got up bright and early and had breakfast, then headed to the National Zoo for a few hours. I love being there and meandering down the paths, normally during the early morning hours during the week when it's quiet. The kids have finally hit that age where the animals fascinate them and they get excited. We hit the elephant house, first, and then made our way to the Panda exhibit. Tai Shan is on baby watch, so we were only able to see Tian Tian, but that was exciting, nonetheless. There were so many people there! We checked out the pigmy hippos and a few other animals and then made our way to the Great Ape house. As we were walking towards the center, Mikayla and I both looked up and nearly had heart attacks! There, in the sky on a tower, was one of the Orangutans! It appeared as though he had gotten out of the enclosure and all that I could think of was how on earth was I going to get all three kids to safety? It turns out, the zoo has built a huge "tramway" for the apes to travel throughout the park.

Once inside, we were treated to a real "spectacle." It was one of those, "Oh my gosh, how do I explain this" sorts of events. There was a large crowd gathered around one of the Orangutan windows and everyone was laughing and gasping. We waited our turn and made our way to the glass where, to my shock, the two apes were...ahem... Yeah. How do you explain this to an 8 year old? All I could think was, "My brother and sister-in-law are going to kill me." Thankfully, the female ape pushed the male off of her (how appropriate!) and went to the corner to go to sleep. Unfortunately, this left the male frustrated and looking to cause trouble. We were right up against the glass and Figgy was sitting in the front of the stroller. All of a sudden, the male (HUGE, by the way) came running towards the glass - right at Figgy!

The screaming began within milliseconds of this picture being taken. He kept trying to kiss her and she nearly tore out of her straps in the stroller trying to get away. I believe my ears are still ringing, as Mikayla can attest to.

It was a fun day and everyone had wonderful naps. :)

After some other plans during the evening, we came home and joined four of our neighbors outside, playing 90's Trivial Pursuit, drinking wine, laughing and chatting. We really couldn't be luckier where our neighbors are concerned. I enjoy their company and love their kids. I'd never tell them, but I look up to them and really admire both women.

I've got hospice patients to see, tomorrow. I'll sleep in and take it easy in the morning, and then head out in the afternoon to see my ladies. I just recently lost a patient and have taken on another one (a total of 4 ladies, now). She has dementia and, apparently, the worker before me is not able to handle dementia patients.

All in all, it has been a fantastic weekend and I'm sad it's nearly over.

I've got a ton of design and craft stuff to post about, but I'm falling asleep. I'll update tomorrow and show you all of the fun stuff!

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MereCat said...

ohm'gosh! I can't believe that ape! I took my kids to the zoo last month and they liked it, but they were just as entertained by the people as they were the animals. I think their favorite was a wild pig.