Friday, January 2, 2009

Yes, I'm going to go "there".

Nothing annoys me more than a mom of (a) singleton(s) telling me what I'm doing wrong or what I did wrong with my twins. I don't care whether you have 10 singletons or a set of "Irish" twins (what the hell is that, anyway? have two singletons). Unless you have a set of twins, you will NEVER get it. I don't care if you various members of your family or your bff has a set of twins, you still won't get it.

But, that said, ranking right close to that is a mom who has several singletons and is now pregnant with twins thinking it's going to be the same as when she had her single baby.

Let me tell you something, and let me be very clear...I do not know ONE parent of multiples that did not put their kiddos on some sort of routine/schedule say they are happy. In fact, every parent I know that did not do the routine/schedule is now BEGGING for help with STTN. I don't know one parent who put their kiddos on a routine/schedule that is not at peace with their decision. I have parents of singletons who are seeking ME out to ask me about schedules. Everyone I know is highly impressed by the fact that my kids (for the most you have read in the past, we have our issues from time to time) seek out their cribs at bedtime. They put their toys away during the 5-minute warning and climb the steps to their bedroom every night. They have their routine and it works. They sleep 12+ hours at night and 2-4 hours for naps. If I had not established a routine when we came home from the hospital, I know I would never have survived. My MARRIAGE never would have survived.

I do not, nor will I ever, understand women who seek help during the night from nannies so that they can sleep. Why on earth did you ever have a baby to begin with if you're going to hand him/her/them off to someone else, other than your spouse? That's like good old Donald Trump and his newest trophy wife, who put their newborn on an entirely different floor at Trump Tower with the nanny. Why have that baby to begin with?

So, to sum up my pissy post tonight:

Unless you are currently raising a set of twins, keep your freaking opinions to yourself because you have NO idea how ridiculously stupid you sound. And, please, don't tell me how long you've dreamed of having twins and how fun it would be. Did you dream of the financial strain it brings? Did you dream of the marital issues it causes? Did you dream of the extremely high divorce rate that having multiples brings? Did those dreams show you how taxing it can be on your body? How about how dangerous it can be to carry multiples? Oooh! How about that dreamy NICU stay, terbutaline pump and sheer discomfort? Oh! And how about those lovely stretch marks? Fun, fun, fun!


Eeyorebabies said...

ROFL, I had to laugh at your post. But I am confused, when you talked about the scheduling thing. You said you haven't met any MoMs that are happy with putting their kids on a routine, but then you said you put yours on one. Just curious if I missed a typo :) I know exactly where this is coming from too. I responded as nicely as I could to them ;)

tjcache said...

It's TJ aka tjcache. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. My kids too sleep ~12 hrs at night and nap 2-3 hours during the day all thanks to a schedule. They also put themselves to bed. My neighbor has 4 kids and "irish" twins and thought my kids would be no trouble. She watched them once for 2 hrs and said she's only do it again in an emergency;) FYI they were asleep for one of those hours.

hehe I "get it"

Eeyorebabies said...

Nevermind, I read it wrong :) I definately agree with you. My kiddos were on a schedule starting the day they were born and in the NICU. My kiddos started STTN at2.5 months. Anytime they have not been on a schedule, things were horrible. They would scream all day and all night. As soon as they were back on schedule, they were perfectly happy. Haha, she'll learn soon enough once her twins are born how letting them demand feed is going to drive her insane.

Figgy and The Professor said...

Thanks, ladies. :) I don't normally venture over there anymore after the last argument I got into with a nutcase, but when I see something with that many responses, my curiosity gets me. Add to that the number of people lately who want to offer me advice, and I think I just had enough. I'll take advice about what to do for a sick kid, or temper tantrums and the like, but nothing that has to do with raising twins from someone who hasn't BTDT. I even find I gather a lot of really useful advice from the MoMs with younger kiddos.

MereCat said...

People don't get it. I get comments about taking my kids into preschool in a stroller. They have no idea how to raise two, and need to keep their noses where they belong. And by the way, mine sleep AWESOME. There's no funny business around here. It can't happen.