Sunday, January 4, 2009

They survived. They had to!

You know, I have to go on record and admit that I don't give my husband nearly enough credit. You'd think I would have figured it out when the kids were 2 weeks old and I had emergency surgery. He survived, they survived, and all was fine. I grumble and groan about how he falls asleep on the weekends in the morning and about how I've had to, essentially, train him to help me get things together when we go somewhere. But, he really stepped up to the plate this weekend and I have to give him kudos for that.

Saturday morning, around 4:00, I woke up not feeling so hot. I fell right back to sleep and was up shortly before the kids arose at 7:45. I hopped in the shower and immediately started throwing up. Not so unusual for me since I'm back to having morning sickness in the morning... But, I fed the kids their breakfast and took a bite of a banana and a sip of ginger ale and ran to the bathroom. From that point, I started throwing up every hour on the hour. I didn't get any food into my belly for the entire day. Every time I would try and take a sip of a drink, it would come back up within ten minutes. I got to the point, since my stomach was empty, that I was bringing up that yellow, icky bile. The last straw was when my dear husband ran out to get popsicles and I tossed one within 5 minutes. I couldn't keep down an ounce of liquids at this point and had tried everything, including an ounce of pedialyte mixed with an ounce of water (hey, it's good enough for the kids, right?). I called my ob and she had me head straight for l&d. I checked in and gave them what little I had of a urine sample. While hooking me up to check the baby and take my vitals, the urine came back and I was severely dehydrated and they were sure my kidneys were in the process of shutting down. So, I was admitted on Saturday night and hooked to an iv. The good news in all of this was that the baby is fine and just as stubborn as his/her brother and sister in regards to the monitors. I had been worried since there wasn't much movement during the evening, as there usually is, but once those monitors went on? The statement from the nurse was, and I quote, "You have an extraordinarily active baby."

Within 5 hours I had gone through two bags of iv fluids and was hooked to another. They administered several rounds of iv anti-nausea medication and I slept for an hour or so at a time. I was unable to keep liquids down when offered, so we finally stopped the torture at 5:30 this morning and they allowed me to sleep for 2 hours. Breakfast was brought into my room (whole wheat toast) and I couldn't stand the thought of eating. By 2:00, I was able to keep chicken broth down and my fever had gone down from the original 102 to 98.6. My ob came to check on me late this afternoon and released me this evening.

Can I tell you all a secret? I loved that time to rest and recoup. As much as I tried to rest upstairs in our bedroom, it hard for me to hear the kids calling for me and crying because daddy just wasn't doing it the same way as mommy. I honestly think the day and a half in the hospital did me more good, not just in terms of the fluids that were pushed, but because of the rest that I got. But, with that, I have never been so happy to come home and have those two little people come tearing across the living room and throwing themselves into my arms.

I'm still tossing my cookies, but I have enough fluids on-board to keep me going for a while. I'm able to keep down a few ounces of fluids at a time, so that's a step in the right direction. The thought from the hospital is that the norovirus made its rounds through the house and I was the next lucky victim. Let's hope it has made its departure and we'll return to normal this week.


Eeyorebabies said...

WOW! I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better! I'm so sorry you went through that :( I have been sick with a cold, but I'll take a cold over throwing up any day. I hope you get to feeling better quickly! If you need anything at all let me know. You can bring the little ones here and they can hang out with my kids while you rest too ya know! I know my kids would love some company. We even have a guest bedroom you could go lay down in :P

Figgy and The Professor said...

Hey you. Thanks!

Jason and I are going to take the kids to a new indoor playground on Thursday...if it works out, I was hoping maybe we could get together for a few playdates, if you're up for it? Can you believe we're venturing into raising two year olds, already? Yeesh!

MereCat said...

Oh bless your sweet heart! I am so sorry you were so sick. But I can totally appreciate the thing about the mini break, and the husband need to do the work to appreciate the daily responsibiltiy of twins and fatherhood. I'm glad you are feeling better, and that the new baby is ok. Try to take good care of yourself as you continue to heal.

Eeyorebabies said...