Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I had a whole book to write as an update, but I hear Meghan freaking out downstairs and know that Jason will be running up here with her in a second. So...here are some pictures until I have a moment. (HA!)

The obligatory Bayleigh and baby shot. She's such a good dog. We never had to use those stupid mittens with the twins, but I can't keep up with Meghan's nails!

Baby Meghan (aka: Gummie - Figgy's new nickname for her new sister.)

Figgy and The Professor before their cousin's 1st Holy Communion.

The Professor snuck away to eat his corn-on-the-cob in peace. We had a barbecue after Mikayla's 1st Communion this weekend and he kept stealing everyone's corn!

Mikayla and Figgy (with a friend of Mikayla's) had a good time on the trampoline.

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Eeyorebabies said...

Looks like you are adjusting nicely :) Are you feeling better?