Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our first night of vacation at the beach house. They were exhausted.

Yet again, exhausted. On our way to Bethany Beach from Ocean City.

Meghan's first day at the beach and she loved it!

The baby Terp fan.

A quick recap of our vacation:
I got to sleep on what could possibly have been a mattress full of boulders on the bottom bunk. Why? Because the E's would not sleep in a room by themselves and we tried, on the first night to sleep together. All four of us. In a queen bed. Then, Meghan woke up and wanted to nurse. In bed. With the other kids. I quickly realized if I wanted any sort of sleep, I'd be in the third bedroom with M. Jason slept in the second bedroom with the E's for the rest of the vacation. Day #2 allowed for some decent weather, albeit mostly cloudy. We were blessed with two hours of beach time before the tropical storm hit. Day #3, 4, 5 and 6 were spent dodging raindrops as we attempted to keep the kids busy. We managed to get a few hours of light drizzle on the boardwalk and took the kids on a surrey ride. They loved it! I'll be looking for a bike trailer on craigslist soon. Day # 5 found us hunkered in the house in the evening, watching the streets flood and the surf get closer and closer...almost too close for comfort. I managed to get in some shopping (major event for me as I detest shopping) at the tax-free outlets. I spent exactly $100.00 and the kids are set for fall and winter clothing. Go, me! Our last day (and check-out day) found us waking to a beautiful, sunny day. Go figure. So, rather than packing up and heading home immediately, we headed for the boardwalk and the kids rode the rides and we soaked up some rays as they played on the beach before heading home. Never have I been so happy to fall into my bed. We successfully avoided packing the entire house and, all-in-all, we had a wonderful trip.

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