Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nearly a week, now.

Things are going beautifully here. I feel like I don't have much time to sit down and respond to e-mails, but I hope you understand. :)

Meghan is simply a marvelous baby. She's definitely a most demanding baby, more so than I remember either of the twins being, but it's okay. We are still dealing with Figgy and her mommy phase. I cannot keep her away from M. Not that I'm trying to, mind you, but let's remember that we're dealing with a 2 year old that doesn't realize she's being rougher than she should be. So, the hugs turn out to be squeezes. There is such a fascination with her when she sleeps and that seems to be the time when Figgy wants to be near her most. What we have always known is that we will not keep them apart and away from one another because I don't ever want any of them to feel like they're less important. Now that I'm feeling better, physically, I'm quite content with allowing Figgy on my lap while I'm holding Meghan or feeding her. Neither kids understand the concept of breastfeeding and are constantly bringing their sippy cups over with their milk in it. It's cute. The Professor is afraid of Meghan, I believe. He constantly talks about her, comes over and says hello, makes sure to tell me when she's crying and she is the first person he asks about when he wakes up. BUT...he will not touch her, hold her, kiss her, or sit on my lap while I'm holding her.

We have a weight check scheduled for tomorrow with a bili check as she was slightly jaundiced on Monday at her appointment. I think I mentioned that I simply love their pediatrician. She walked in and gave me a big hug and then sat and just held Meghan while we talked about the delivery and how the twins are handling having her here. She talked about possibly supplementing formula to get Meghan past the jaundice and could sense that I felt disappointed with that option as I really wanted to be successful with the breastfeeding this time around. So, she jumped back in with other options such as walking her outside in the sunlight (among a few other ideas). She called later that night (Monday) just to check in with us. We're really lucky to have such a great practice, especially after the disaster of a practice we were with for the twins' first 6 weeks.

The Professor and Figgy have reached a new phase. They are parroting everything we say. Every question is repeated. Every word is repeated. The Professor can count to 6 on his own while counting his cars. Figgy has finally taken to sitting still for a few minutes to play with something...anything. LOL! I'm just happy she will sit still for a moment. :)

I have always made sure they make eye contact with us when we are giving instructions or disciplining them. My phrase of choice has always been, "_________(Ethan/Ellie) look at me..." and then I will tell them what I need them to understand. This way, I know that they're not preoccupied by something else. Well, Ellie has decided this is her new catch phrase. Meghan was crying the other night and Ellie went up to her and said, "Meghan, look at me....SHHHHHH!" We were outside for a walk today and the kids were getting close to the creek at the bottom of the hill by our house. My husband was down with them, but I kept saying, "Hey, careful!" Ellie turned to me at some point and said, "Mommy. Look at me. Caaaareful!" My daughter has a sense of humor. Oh goody.

Well, that's it for me, folks. I've topped the kiddo off and tucked her in, so I think I'm going to go curl up and hope for a few hours of sleep. I've made my way upstairs, finally, and will try to sleep in my own bed with my husband. I've been sleeping downstairs in the living room with Meghan because it was too painful to sleep laying down. Let's see how this works!

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